Not Just Another Triathlon Post

So we have some real big news. No. Alicia is not competing in another tri, not any time in the near future at least…sorry to get your hopes up.

She is however, working on her own triathlon team because…. Alicia is pregnant! But wait there’s more! Isn’t that the line that infomercials always use? Well now it’s the line for our lives, because there certainly is more…were having twins! Yup, I said twins. Just let that sink in for a moment or two. Alicia and I are having twins. Who saw that coming? Not us, that’s for sure. If I wasn’t leaning against the wall when the ultrasound technician told me, I would have most certainly hit the floor. Well, there goes the neighborhood! Can you imagine two little ME’s running around?   I don’t know if Sioux County can handle all that Russ ridiculousness, they could barely handle it when it was just me. Let’s just hope that they pick up a lot more of Alicia’s demeanor and very few of my own.

Tiny Feet

Tiny Feet

But we are super thrilled to say the least! What a true blessing. Ever since we moved from Storm Lake we have basically just left a lot of the decision making up to God. I mean who would have ever thought that we would move back to Sioux county? I know it certainly wasn’t my first choice but, as Alicia often says, “Never, say never!” She certainly didn’t want to move back to Sioux county either! When opportunities/challenges are presented to you, the reasons why aren’t always clear to you, but they are clear to God. He put the tools in our hands to get a fresh start in a familiar location: good jobs, a place to live, fellowship with new friends, and closeness to family. All of this was laid out before us. All of these events have already enriched our lives so much, but now it would seem that it’s about to get kicked up another notch…or two. Remember, we are having twins.

Proud Future Parents

Proud Future Parents

I mean why go for one when the hospital is almost certain to be having a buy 1 get 1 special going on right? Oh, they don’t do that? Shoot! I thought I found a loophole. So now its crunch time, we are 14 weeks into a life-changing event that will forever shape our futures. We have lots to do. Number one on the list is that we need to find a house ASAP. Considering the ridiculousness of the markets in Sioux Center and Orange City, we will be buying a house that will need some significant work done to make it baby ready…or should I say babies ready? Not to mention all the other little intricate things new parents need to do prior to arrival to get all your ducks in a row, except once again times 2. It’s a good thing Alicia seems to be on top of all of this stuff.

It’s funny how quickly your priorities change. Things that used to be so important just don’t seem to matter as much anymore, one of those being my plans for triathlons this year. That’s definitely being put on the back burner for the time being. I mean I occasionally get out for a run or a ride, but it’s certainly not the 5-6 times a week regiment that I am used to. And Alicia is not really up for continuing on any training plan right now, so there goes my run/bike/swim/lift partner. Maybe when the weather warms up I will do an event or two, but I don’t see any Nationals trips or Half Ironman’s in my near future. And that’s just fine with me; my body was telling me it was time for a break anyways, lots of aches and pains for this soon to be dad. And, I’m already really growing into my role of supporting Alicia- she’s enjoying a little extra TLC. I mean she is carrying twins and I’m just carrying body weight, doesn’t quite compare.

And then there are the things that we weren’t so concerned about, like our finances, which are now a priority as we prepare for new and future influences to our budget. What was once savings for exciting trips or for some unnecessary purchase are now being slated for strollers and cribs. Not a road bike, sad I know. Not to mention the future and ongoing costs of daycare, mortgage, healthcare, food, college, etc.

Balloons From Work

Balloons From Work

So the 9-month scramble has begun. What a great journey it has been so far! We are truly grateful and appreciate all of the support that we have been given up to this point and continue to thank God for our little blessings. We will certainly have to keep everyone updated. That shouldn’t be a problem prior to arrival, but after, I am pretty sure that I won’t be using my free time for blogging quite as much. Instead, I am willing to bet that Alicia and I will be focused more on the sleeping aspect of our lives.

– Alicia and Tanner, the soon to be parents of twins


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About Tanner Russ

Husband, Father, Triathlete, Human Resource Professional I started my journey in triathlon back in 2010. Since then I have competed in over 30 endurance events ranging from simple road races, to USAT sanctioned events, and anything that poses a physical challenge. Somehow in 2012 I convinced my wife Alicia to partake in this crazy lifestyle as well, and since then we have been working out side by side to reach our goals. Early morning pool swims, long hot bike rides, and grueling distance runs. Doesn't get much better! Oh wait yes it does...since starting this blog I am a father of 3 beautiful girls! This whole Life thing is pretty cool!

4 responses to “Not Just Another Triathlon Post”

  1. Kathy Russ says :

    SO excited!!!!!!!

  2. Carrie Davis says :

    Awesome! I am so incredibly happy for you both!!!!! (you snuck some FHC water with you didn’t you? hee hee)

  3. Carolynn (@moonofsilver) says :

    I think it’s so cool that “man” blogs … A couple blog is amazing. Also, I cannot imagine being told I was having twins. Wow!

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