So there I was, deep behind enemy lines and heavily outnumbered. The opposition was everywhere and I was feeling very overwhelmed. They wore pink bows and carried dolls and other pretty things…what have I gotten myself into?



That’s right, identical twin baby girls! What a truly amazing gift from above! At our 19 week ultrasound, they are happy and healthy! I laughed as the ultrasound technician got frustrated with them because they were moving around too much. Glad the girls were giving someone else a hard time because I am almost certain that I will be the one with frustrations in the very near future.   I think one of them was even practicing her hurdles skills with Alicia’s bladder, very Lolo Jones like. Above all else, I am just happy that all the ladies in my life are doing great.

And now that we know what they are, let the shopping commence…

It’s interesting to me how much I have already embraced the pink. I mean let’s be honest; it’s going to be everywhere. There’s no getting around the tutus and princess crowns. So with a due date later in the fall, it’s time to prep our lives for the changes ahead. I might have to get a male dog to help even out the field. Much more to come!



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About Tanner Russ

Husband, Father, Triathlete, Human Resource Professional I started my journey in triathlon back in 2010. Since then I have competed in over 30 endurance events ranging from simple road races, to USAT sanctioned events, and anything that poses a physical challenge. Somehow in 2012 I convinced my wife Alicia to partake in this crazy lifestyle as well, and since then we have been working out side by side to reach our goals. Early morning pool swims, long hot bike rides, and grueling distance runs. Doesn't get much better! Oh wait yes it does...since starting this blog I am a father of 3 beautiful girls! This whole Life thing is pretty cool!

One response to “Outnumbered”

  1. berglundl says :

    So very excited for you, Alicia and your baby girls and happy all is going well. Please let Alicia know if she ever wants to talk about carrying twins (especially when her feet disappear) she can give me a call. 🙂

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