We Are Still Growing!

We are at 35 weeks now and already our apartment has a room that looks like a pink explosion! Alicia has been doing a great job and our girls are estimated at 5.5 lbs. each! Way to go ladies! We are very excited to welcome them but we are still hoping that we can reach the 37 week mark.

I can honestly say that any triathlon related posts are going to be few and far between for the foreseeable future. My training has dropped down to literally nothing because of a nagging knee injury, and with all the life changes going on, I just don’t have the time. Not to mention all of the sympathy eating that I have been doing…there is a lot of good food in the house!

I am planning one event this year where I will just be completing the bike leg. It will be a team triathlon and all I need to do is pretend like I still have what it takes for a 15 mile ride. I think I can suffer through that without it taking too much of a toll on my out of shape body. And besides, it’s no fun training without your partner. I can honestly say that I miss the training, but I have been enjoying the time that Alicia and I have been able to spend together. Lord knows we won’t have any more alone time in just a few short weeks.

So with the girl’s arrival just a few weeks away we are making our final arrangements to ensure everything is in order. Prayers are appreciated and also I want to give a special thanks to our family and friends for all of the support! Things will soon be changing in more ways than one!



About Tanner Russ

Husband, Father, Triathlete, Human Resource Professional I started my journey in triathlon back in 2010. Since then I have competed in over 30 endurance events ranging from simple road races, to USAT sanctioned events, and anything that poses a physical challenge. Somehow in 2012 I convinced my wife Alicia to partake in this crazy lifestyle as well, and since then we have been working out side by side to reach our goals. Early morning pool swims, long hot bike rides, and grueling distance runs. Doesn't get much better! Oh wait yes it does...since starting this blog I am a father of 3 beautiful girls! This whole Life thing is pretty cool!

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