And Then There Were Two

On 9/7/14 my life was forever changed. This was the day that our two little girls were brought into this world kicking and screaming.

On 9/5/14 we had our weekly checkup with our Doctor. After the checkup he told us that we should schedule a day to induce and he set it up for Monday the 8th. So, he told us to go home and come back on Monday. We live 90 minutes away from the hospital and something told me that it would probably be best if we just got a hotel by the hospital until Monday. We also had called Alicia’s parents from Virginia and told them that they should come in a day early and be here on Saturday. It’s funny how God speaks to us but it’s amazing when he does.

On Sunday morning Alicia’s father and I were going to head to church as Alicia and her mom stayed at the hotel to rest. As we were walking up to the church I got “the call”. Alicia’s water had broke and she started going into labor. I was so happy that we were only 5 minutes away from the hospital. A 90 minute drive from home wouldn’t have been fun for anyone. Also, the in-laws, family and friends had all made it safely to town and right on time for the birth of their granddaughters/nieces.


Kate Elizabeth and Maya Grace were both 6lbs 2ozs and were happy and healthy. Because they were born at 36 weeks, they ended up spending 4 days in the NICU. It is certainly tough to see your children hooked up to so many machines, but the nurses and doctors there had such a tender touch and caring heart, that we knew they were in good hands.

Alicia did an amazing job. Through it all she was a solid rock! I literally could not stop calling her an All Star. Scared as she was, she never showed it and just did what she needed to do to ensure that we were going to have two happy and healthy babies. I found a new level of love for my wife that has strengthened our family even more, and I just want to once again publicly say that You Are Awesome!


Before we could leave the NICU our little ones had to pass their car seat tests and hearing tests. While the hearing tests were not all that stressful, the car seat tests took a toll on Alicia and me. Basically they had to be able to sit in their seats for 90 minutes without setting off any of the alarms on the machines they were hooked up to. Unfortunately both girls failed their first tests. One of the girl’s oxygen levels and heart rate dropped so quickly that she started to turn blue before we could unbuckle her and get her out of the seat. We were told that we would need to get different car seats and then complete the test again. So we ran out, bought two other seats, and then started the tests again. These seats certainly seemed like better fits and the tests went by without any issues, but it was stressful nonetheless. But it was all worth it because after they passed the test, we were able to bring them home.


The ride home felt like a dream come true. We were so happy to put the NICU behind us and couldn’t wait to bring those bundles of joy into our home. The girls are now both 2 weeks old and giving us a run for our money. With feedings every 3 hours and diapers galore, we are busy little beavers. Not to mention that I had to go back to work and I had to go to Virginia for a 3 day job interview a week after the girls were born. Luckily my mother-in-law has been staying with us to help us out and was able to give Alicia a hand while I was away. So many changes have taken place over the last two weeks and it has been truly humbling for both of us. We are so grateful and excited for the years ahead and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us as a family of 4!



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Husband, Father, Triathlete, Human Resource Professional I started my journey in triathlon back in 2010. Since then I have competed in over 30 endurance events ranging from simple road races, to USAT sanctioned events, and anything that poses a physical challenge. Somehow in 2012 I convinced my wife Alicia to partake in this crazy lifestyle as well, and since then we have been working out side by side to reach our goals. Early morning pool swims, long hot bike rides, and grueling distance runs. Doesn't get much better! Oh wait yes it does...since starting this blog I am a father of 3 beautiful girls! This whole Life thing is pretty cool!

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