Quick! Workouts and Recipes

Something quick and easy has become a mantra for my life lately.  My babies are not good nappers.  Like at all- 30 -45 min is usually as good as it gets.  Luckily this usually happens at the same time for both of them…so there’s a plus.  But this means I don’t have much time to do anything out of just ordinary life/survival mode with twins.   Therefore, my workouts and meals have to be quick and mostly easy.  So I’m just going to share with you a bunch of Pinterest stuff.  🙂


When it isn’t nice outside (or even when it is and I want to get a little something extra in besides a run/walk), I resort to circuits.  Again, the most time I usually have is 30 min. so nothing earth shattering…but it’s still something!  Also, this is nothing like when I was seriously training.  I’m not really working out for the calorie burn or to improve my run/swim times anymore.  I’m just doing it for me.  I’m a better mommy, wife and person when I get movin’!

Most days I combine a couple of these circuits with some abs and arms.  My abs these days are ripped.  Literally, they got ripped apart (diastasis recti).  So I’m not doing any type of ab exercise other than repair- most of these moves just involve serious concentration on using your actual ab muscles and low reps.  If you are curious about diastasis recti or are in need of some rebuilding ab moves check out this blog post.

The arm workouts consist of 5 lb. dumbbells and just doing the basics- military press, bicep curls, tricep extensions…things of that nature.  Not a ton of weight but I lift two babies- one 16 lbs and one 17 lbs all day long, so my arm workouts are focused on more toning than anything else.

Then I move on to actual circuits.  I usually just sporadically click-through Pinterest and add some quick circuits every once in a while but here are some of my go-tos lately.

Bye-Bye Cottage-Cheese Thighs: 5-Minute Leg-Toning Workout

Butt and Leg Circuit

Daily Workout  (I skip all ab portions of this)  

Usually I just do abs, circuit, arms, circuit, abs.  Depends on the day and the napping time. 🙂 To check out more of my pins just follow me at pinterest.com/aliciaruss.

Now for the important stuff…FOOD

Here are just a few of my favorite go-to meals.  All of these are main dish recipes, I have other meal-time recipes on Pinterest as well.  Warning they are not all healthy and there most definitely is a desserts page!

Vegan Black Bean Soup

Baked Turkey Meatballs with Spinach

Deep-Dish Chicken Pot Pie

Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas

Also, when I’m in a pinch/the girls didn’t cooperate with me enough to plan an actual meal, I just pull out some frozen tilapia, season it however you prefer (lemon/lime juice/olive oil/Mrs.Dash everything spices), throw it in the oven during nighttime routine and then pair it with a veggie.  Quick, healthy, and delicious!  I’m very much looking forward to it being nice out for good now too- grilling season awaits!

I try to make enough so I at least have 1 meal left for lunch the following day.  That doesn’t always work but is super nice when it does!

Now that I’ve made these recipes a bunch of times I’ve made some modifications, so if you are curious or have questions just let me know!


P.S. Here is a picture of the girls…because I’m pretty sure you’d never read along again if I didn’t post a picture every time. 🙂


We Workout


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About Alicia Russ

I am the WOMAN, Alicia, in this Man Woman Tri. When we started this blog about 2 years ago, I had recently just started my endeavor into what I call crazy- training and competing in triathlons. My husband, MAN, has been a constant encourager from the beginning. What started off as me on the sidelines cheering him on turned into a couple of events done together and a whole lot of training hours logged as each others motivators. Since that time our life has changed a bit. I am now a SAHM to identical twin girls plus one. Our training has definitely slowed and our approach/time is a little bit different. However, we are striving to maintain our healthy life styles and hope to one day get back into events. Stay tuned to read as our journey continues!

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  1. Carolynn (@moonofsilver) says :

    Your recipes look amazing. Also, lots of exercise motivation from reading your blog. Like for real, you rock.

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